All information about fitness clubs in San Diego on one page. If you are looking for more information about the fitness industry in San Diego, CA, check out the detailed statistics below to get a better understanding of fitness in San Diego. You can find a list of the best fitness clubs here. As you can see above, there are a total of 496 gyms located in San Diego, including 15 boxing gyms, 84 yoga classes, 55 pilates studios. Fitness clubs are filled with all the equipment to improve your health and well-being. Let's take a closer look at the fitness industry in San Diego.

Most Popular Fitness Clubs in San Diego


Planet Fitness

  • Address:1210 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91911
  • Phone:(619) 869-8368
  • Reviews: 44
    Rating: 3.1

Ok gym But reinstituted my twenty four hour If they had steam room and sauna they could beat 24 Things like tanning and sun bed are no where near as useful as sauna and steam room after a workout.... more


Studio Barre Mission Hills

  • Address:321 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103
  • Phone:(619) 821-2840
  • Reviews: 40
    Rating: 5.0

Great place. The teachers, in particular Laine, are motivating & inspiring. Fun work out!. I wanted to try a fitness studio rather than a typical box gym. My experience was very pleasant.... more


24 Hour Fitness

  • Address:1 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101
  • Phone:(619) 232-4024
  • Reviews: 40
    Rating: 2.4

24-Hour Fitness in Horton Plaza is not well maintained and anyone that says that has never been to many gyms. The male locker room is constantly disgusting and the same disgusting things are seen in the same spots day after day.... more


Toby Wells YMCA

  • Address:5105 Overland Ave, San Diego, CA 92123
  • Phone:(858) 496-9622
  • Reviews: 40
    Rating: 4.6

Very cleans pool and nice staff, unlike the mission valley ymca. Great facility for all around well-being and a fun time for a reasonable cost. The San Diego YMCA group is a fantastic option for those of you like getting more from your "gym" than just machines and weights.... more


Chuze Fitness

  • Address:5500 Grossmont Center Dr, La Mesa, CA 91942
  • Phone:(619) 741-7600
  • Reviews: 37
    Rating: 4.6

I really enjoy this gym. I was previously a 24Hour member but it wasn't my cup of tea. Came here and I can't stop. Friendly, helpful, and a constantly moving staff keeps the place running and there plenty to do.... more


Mission Valley YMCA

  • Address:5505 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92110
  • Phone:(619) 298-3576
  • Reviews: 34
    Rating: 4.6

My daughter lived her work out and there are plenty if kid friendly machines. I love this gym! Have been a member over 10 years. The Mission Valley YMCA offers great classes with instructors that are helpful if you are new or a regular too.... more


Modo Yoga San Diego

  • Address:3091 Clairemont Dr, San Diego, CA 92117
  • Phone:(619) 684-5509
  • Reviews: 34
    Rating: 5.0
Modo Yoga San Diego

Modo yoga is amazing! The place has such a great feel, so clean and fresh with beautiful tall ceilings. It's so nice to have beautiful music, the heat is perfect everytime, not too hot but hot enough, the teachers and the classes are great! My new favorite Yoga spot.... more


24 Hour Fitness

  • Address:4345 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92113
  • Phone:(619) 684-7649
  • Reviews: 34
    Rating: 3.2

I think this 24 hr. Fitness is in a convenient location, plenty of parking. But, a lot of the equipment is broken. Most of the upright bicycles don't work properly: don't have heart rate monitors working, the tension between the pulley and the Cadence is loose on most, and the computer readouts don't work properly.... more


24 Hour Fitness

  • Address:7715 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111
  • Phone:(858) 292-7079
  • Reviews: 33
    Rating: 3.4

Each of the instructors has his or her characteristics that make it worth trying classes with more than one of them. Will certainly return to this gym.. If you have never heard of a torso ergometer, you are missing out on the greatest cardio machine for folks with bad knees.... more


Planet Fitness

  • Address:6501 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92115
  • Phone:(619) 550-5808
  • Reviews: 33
    Rating: 4.1

I love this place, Kris signed me up and had a great time working out really no judgement.. Smelled sweaty and some of the machines could used some fixing. Not totally bad, but I'd rather drive to Chula Vista.... more