Below you can find a list of the top gyms in Conroe. Our goal is to connect people with the best local gyms. This listing was created automatically using local business data. Every gym is analyzed based on the number of professional databases reviewing them, their average review score, and the volatility of their ratings. The variety of services they offer, and their years of experience is also important. The top rated Gyms in Conroe are:


  • Address:1647 N Frazier St #5, Conroe, TX 77301
  • Phone:(936) 661-3188
  • Reviews: 3
    Rating: 5.0

The power to unleash your potential is attained here. The gym and trainer are more than capable to get the job done. Just show up and don't worry - they will mold you for greatness.... more

conroe pound 4 pound boxing

  • Address:413 S San Jacinto St, Conroe, TX 77301
  • Phone:(936) 648-1047
  • Reviews: 5
    Rating: 5.0

Best gym In town, great place to train. The coaches work with you and help you achieve your goals wether that be to compete or for physical fitness. Definitely 5 Stars ! I recommend.... more

Pilates Body of Conroe

  • Address:804 W Dallas St Suite 9, Conroe, TX 77301
  • Phone:(832) 419-4546
  • Reviews: 7
    Rating: 5.0

Love this place. Awesome instructors, relaxing environment, and very clean facility. . I've enjoyed the small class sizes. Every class from reformer, mat, spring board, or TRX continuously challenges me either in perfecting form or learning new exercises.... more


  • Address:2107 W Davis St b, Conroe, TX 77304
  • Phone:(361) 445-2306
  • Reviews: 19
    Rating: 5.0

This is the gym where i was introduced to Brazilian jiu jitsu. People come here for many reasons and those who stop by will quickly find out why many of us stay for years to come. Here i lost lots of weight, gained strength, confidence and learned self defense.... more

Metroflex Gym Conroe

  • Address:829-1/2 S Frazier St #3, Conroe, TX 77301
  • Phone:(936) 447-0265
  • Reviews: 20
    Rating: 5.0

Are you serious about lifting??? Check this. Place out.. The owner and the gym are amazing.... more

Maximum Athletics - Gymnastics Conroe

  • Address:1500 Wilson Rd, Conroe, TX 77304
  • Phone:(936) 539-3547
  • Reviews: 18
    Rating: 4.6

Not happy at all to find out my account got charged after not being there for 3 months due to the Covid pandemic. So instead of asking if we would be returning they charged my account assuming we would.... more

Fearless Boxing Gym

  • Address:1214 S Frazier St D, Conroe, TX 77301
  • Phone:(936) 539-1269
  • Reviews: 11
    Rating: 4.3

This place is awesome. I love spar nights and the training support. The folks here are always supportive. I highly recommend this place.. Great place to beat down chuntharos... more

Booker T. Washington Park

  • Address:813 S 1st St, Conroe, TX 77301
  • Reviews: 14
    Rating: 4.1

Great place to play and eat in.. Nice just be there at night... more

Planet Fitness

  • Address:1906 N Frazier St, Conroe, TX 77301
  • Phone:(936) 760-1700
  • Reviews: 34
    Rating: 3.6

I signed up online and visited thesthe facilty shortly after. The staff answered all my questions and seemed happy to do so. I toured the gym to assess the quality and I have to say this was by far the cleanest gym I have ever visited.... more

Gold's Gym

  • Address:1306 W Davis St B, Conroe, TX 77304
  • Phone:(936) 756-6000
  • Reviews: 22
    Rating: 3.5

My family has been using this gym for over 7 years . We like that they have childcare available for up to 2 hours a day for members. Our son loves the jungle gym inside. The staff are friendly, and the gym is organized well, with a lot of machines to choose from.... more