n'Caliente Fitness - Group Fitness Class, Boot Camp Classes in Round Rock

  • Address:2111 Sam Bass Rd #100a, Round Rock, TX 78681
  • Phone:(512) 773-7790
  • Reviews: 19
    Rating: 4.8

Love it here, there are changes in each class to challenge you more, instructors are friendly and studio is neat. Still one of my favorite places!! If you are in Round Rock, stop by and get a schedule of fitness classes!!!!... more

9Round - Round Rock

  • Address:1400 E Old Settlers Blvd #301, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(512) 943-8057
  • Reviews: 22
    Rating: 4.8

The trainers are Amazing! They keep you motivated throughout your entire workout. I woild definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for a great workout that will yield Amazing results!.... more

Anytime Fitness

  • Address:2650 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(512) 919-4104
  • Reviews: 26
    Rating: 4.7

It's nice to have a gym that I can go to any time of the day/night. Clean showers and equipment. Staff even met up with me after work hrs to set me up. This is much appreciated as I work random hours.... more

The Yoga Room

  • Address:503 E Palm Valley Blvd #220, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(512) 318-2112
  • Reviews: 11
    Rating: 4.6

I have frequented this studio for about 8 years. The staff is excellent, caring and inclusive. They are able to make the class accessible for all body types an abilities. the owner, Zelinda, regularly studies in India and brings back knowledge and insight to share with staff and clients alike.... more

Orangetheory Fitness

  • Address:661 Louis Henna Blvd #450, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(512) 969-6625
  • Reviews: 31
    Rating: 4.5

I have been to a couple different Orangetheory locations over the years and have to say that this is by far my favorite. The staff and coaches are all incredibly friendly and positive and I can tell that a bunch of people in my classes have become friends thanks to meeting at the studio.... more

Planet Fitness

  • Address:200 W Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(888) 237-9005
  • Reviews: 31
    Rating: 4.4

I really miss my gym in these hard times. This gym is the best i've have been, i consider it as my second home due to the fact it's so welcoming and all the good energy it has. PLEASE REOPEN IT !.... more

Metroflex Austin

  • Address:16300 Central Commerce Dr, Bldg 1A, Pflugerville, TX 78660, Pflugerville, TX 78660
  • Phone:(512) 251-1919
  • Reviews: 21
    Rating: 4.0

If you don't like this gym come to "House Of Gainz" in Georgetown. I love this place. I was so put of my league at the beginning and felt intimated, but everyone is nice, trainer Lu got me into the grove and I am happy.... more

LA Fitness

  • Address:1000 N A W Grimes Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665
  • Phone:(512) 652-2271
  • Reviews: 27
    Rating: 3.6

DO NOT, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SIGN UP FOR A PERSONAL TRAINER!!!! The dude Andrew totally misrepresented what I was signing up for. Lead me to believe the personal training sessions would be a hour.... more

LA Fitness

  • Address:16600 N FM 620, Round Rock, TX 78681
  • Phone:(512) 765-7734
  • Reviews: 35
    Rating: 3.5

My gym of choice. No issues with people putting back weights. People are kind and helpful. I do not like how they dont make all their gyms static with same equipment. One gym could have a sauna and whirlpool and another won't.... more

The Camp Transformation Center- Round Rock TX

  • Address:16708 Picadilly Ct #106, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(512) 609-8910
  • Reviews: 14
    Rating: 3.3

I had a great experience. I did not make my weight but lost good amount of body fat!! They have an awesome atmosphere. If it were closer, I would definitely consider joining. It was well worth it.... more

Gold's Gym

  • Address:2400 N Interstate Hwy 35, Round Rock, TX 78681
  • Phone:(512) 238-0002
  • Reviews: 25
    Rating: 2.8

The gym just opened after covid19 but unlike other gyms ....they fail when it comes to following gov recommend guidelines. Way too many people allowed. I figured that they would fail to since they barely maintain the upkeep of the gym before the pandemic .... more

Fuego Fitness

  • Address:901 Round Rock Ave A100, Round Rock, TX 78681
  • Phone:(512) 568-5875
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -

Nutrition4Life - Herbalife Nutrition Center

  • Address:1800 North Mays Street - Suite 110, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(512) 244-5934
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -

Studio 21 Kickboxfitness

  • Address:2021 N Mays St #300, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(512) 629-0271
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -


  • Address:B, 1942 Picadilly Dr, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone:(512) 838-1234
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -

Applied MMA_Austin

  • Address:16300 Central Commerce Dr, Pflugerville, TX 78660
  • Phone:(512) 577-4771
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -