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Looking to check out the finest gyms in Yakima? Our goal is to connect people with the best local services. There is a lot of gyms in Yakima and while there's certainly more to check out, we prepared this list by only including those that are locally owned, are easy to access and has a history of delighted customers and outstanding service.

We gathered our favorite gyms, yoga classes, pilates studios, boxing gyms in Yakima, WA and prepared a ranked list of the best gyms to exercise next time you're in the market for a solid workout. This listing was created automatically using local business data, then reviewed and issued. Here, our favorite workouts across the city.


Yoga Hot Spot, Yakima

  • Address:600 River Rd, Yakima, WA 98902
  • Phone:(509) 453-9642
  • Reviews: 14
  • Rating: 4.1
  • I feel stronger and more centered after beginning yoga. I enjoy all the instructors and I have a love/hate for the heat.
  • Buyer beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a fan of Groupon for trying new businesses so when I saw a Groupon for hot yoga classes I new I had to buy it for my mom as a Christmas present . BEFORE i bought it I personally drove there and asked the lady at the front desk who apparently is also a teacher what the promotion entail as well as the restrictions . She told me I could use it towards 20 punch card or a three month trial BOTH worth the same amount as the Groupon offered. When my mom went she was told that she could only get the 20 punched so I called and I was informed that was the only option. IF YOURE NOT GOING TO HONOR YOUR OWN OFFER THEN DONT SIGN FOR UP FOR SITES LIKE GROUPON . PERIOD!!!! It looks terrible on your business practices and shows that yoga/people are not at the core of your business , just money.


Planet Fitness

  • Address:120 N Fair Ave, Yakima, WA 98901
  • Phone:(509) 469-0477
  • Reviews: 26
  • Rating: 3.8
  • I recently signed up to have a sit down with a trainer named Kristina. And let me tell you, I felt understood and a very motivated!She is highly knowledgeable and very dedicated to her craft! This gym is always clean and well staffed, I feel welcomed in a place I normally avoid.
  • Love coming here never had any issues . . A lot of the treadmills are temporarily out of order . I can't wait for their new location to open ..


Volution Fitness

  • Address:1104 Tieton Dr, Yakima, WA 98902
  • Phone:(509) 469-4930
  • Reviews: 19
  • Rating: 5.0
  • The Facility is awesome. I love that I have 24 hour access and functional fitness all in one. James is an awesome trainer. I love the way he coaches and how positive he is. Beto is always ready and willing to help me with any questions I have from membership to the different machines to little coaching bits whenever I need. The facility is always clean and smells fresh from the bathroom to the gym floors.
  • Great customer service, clean facility, easy to set up training!


The Fieldhouse Yakima

  • Address:1015 E Lincoln Ave, Yakima, WA 98901
  • Phone:(509) 480-8015
  • Reviews: 20
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Very rude & uncomfortable setting.
  • My son plays flag football here and he LOVES IT!


Functional Fitness

  • Address:2006 W Lincoln Ave B, Yakima, WA 98902
  • Phone:(509) 452-4187
  • Reviews: 6
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Natalie is an amazing trainer. I love the low key atmosphere where everyone is there to work hard at their personal best level.
  • I started with physical therapy on the PT side of this business about 18 months ago for about two months with a back injury that had me nearly bedridden for several weeks. After I completed my physical therapy, I started weight training at Pro-Motion Functional Fitness with my physical therapist assistant, Jacob Garcia. To call the program Jacob has had me working on for over a year now life changing would be a huge understatement. Overall, I can't say enough good things about Jacob and all the staff and therapists I've met at Pro-Motion Physical Therapy. They are friendly, professional, know their jobs and clearly enjoy their work. Most importantly, I've seen astronomical improvement in my health and well-being and my strength.


Pro-Action Family Martial Arts

  • Address:513 N 21st Ave, Yakima, WA 98902
  • Phone:(509) 966-1975
  • Reviews: 1
  • Rating: 1.0
  • Site says nothing


Fit Studio

  • Address:201 E Yakima Ave #101, Yakima, WA 98901
  • Phone:(509) 731-7723
  • Reviews: 2
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Good afternoon sir and madam - I'd like to pay you money to punch me in the face! That's what it feels like after every workout, though I punch in the face feels less good a few hours later. Tyson and Holly, the couple that runs this joint are lovely folks who moved over from Bellevue a number of years ago to start up a solid workout facility. They were getting tired of the rat race and had ties to the area, so now, a few years hence, they have done what they set out to do! This place is focused on personal training and offers individualized small group classes that focus on getting you strong and not just going through motions. The place functions basically as a more personalized CrossFit gym. They utilize plenty of different workout tools to maximize the time you spend there, but without having you flip a tractor tire (like they did back in Iowa). I must admit there's something kind of sexy about flipping a tire over and over, but alas this is the left coast and flipping a Starbucks mug just doesn't have the same effect. Sessions range from $20-$25 if you were doing group sessions all the way up to around $60 if you were doing personalized, one on one sessions. He's guys are legit, know their stuff and take good care of their clients. End of the day, do you want to get your butt kicked by an elliptical machine that probably wants to see you fail, are these guys will push you to go GI Joe style and be all that you can be!


Gingers Dance & Fitness Boutique

  • Address:1109 W Yakima Ave, Yakima, WA 98902
  • Phone:(509) 249-2995
  • Reviews: 5
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Nice local dance supply mostly for kids but I did find some men's dance shoes there.
  • Ginger Roybal was over accommodating in helping me with the Davis High School Dance Team uniforms and accessories. She helped make sure we got exactly what we were looking for... when you shop online you can never be to sure of the color or fit. Ginger really knows her stuff when it comes to fitting dance shoes and tights and she is perfect for fitting high school girls in the right size! I highly recommend staying local when it comes to meeting your dance team or cheer squads needs.


Feather Yoga Studio

  • Address:101 Park Ave, Yakima, WA 98902
  • Phone:(305) 495-3558
  • Reviews: 0
  • Rating: 0.0


Stillpoint In Yakima

  • Address:1901 W Lincoln Ave c, Yakima, WA 98902
  • Phone:(509) 941-8866
  • Reviews: 0
  • Rating: 0.0