Below you can find a list of the top gyms in San Angelo. Our goal is to connect people with the best local gyms. This listing was created automatically using local business data. Every gym is analyzed based on the number of professional databases reviewing them, their average review score, and the volatility of their ratings. The variety of services they offer, and their years of experience is also important. The top rated Gyms in San Angelo are:

West Texas Sports and Wellness Institute

  • Address:1909 Knickerbocker Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904
  • Phone:(325) 763-6292
  • Reviews: 4
    Rating: 5.0

Everyone is really nice and helpful! It's so nice to have the one on one you get while working out!. The weekly encouragement I receive from WTSWI and my bootcamp class is priceless.... more

T Bone CrossFit

  • Address:4540 N Bentwood Dr, San Angelo, TX 76904
  • Phone:(325) 656-2821
  • Reviews: 5
    Rating: 5.0

Very nice box to drop in on. Lots of space and equipment to use.. Home... more

Fitness 1031

  • Address:500-598 N Oakes St, San Angelo, TX 76903
  • Reviews: 5
    Rating: 5.0

Small classes and Eric and his staff are friendly and encouraging. This gym is an incredible mix of eclectic fitness with modern training technology and professional coaching. The community aspects motivate you to get fitter, stronger, and healthier that mainline gyms just don't possess.... more

Man Made Fitness

  • Address:117 S Chadbourne St, San Angelo, TX 76903
  • Phone:(325) 656-2982
  • Reviews: 12
    Rating: 5.0

well equipped fitness center..Nice location. Aimee is a GEM haha. But seriously, she's amazing.... more

San Angelo CrossFit

  • Address:133 E Concho Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903
  • Phone:(469) 693-4630
  • Reviews: 15
    Rating: 5.0

I love SACF. The coaches push the little things, details matter here. The programming is fantastic. If you're looking to try a new gym, or get into CrossFit, give San Angelo CrossFit a try!.... more

San Angelo Strength and Conditioning

  • Address:30 N Chadbourne St, San Angelo, TX 76903
  • Phone:(325) 656-5410
  • Reviews: 17
    Rating: 5.0

SASC changed my life! When I started I was 275 lbs and in the worst shape of my life. I started after running in to Aubrey at my previous place of employment and she encouraged me to come in and check out the gym.... more

Fitness United

  • Address:2215 W Beauregard Ave, San Angelo, TX 76901
  • Phone:(325) 245-8828
  • Reviews: 17
    Rating: 5.0

Awesome people, good price. Great workout. Matt and the crew are amazing. Boot camps are a lot of fun and they have the expertise to help you meet your goals... more

The Bar Athletic Club

  • Address:2110 W Beauregard Ave, San Angelo, TX 76901
  • Phone:(325) 703-6540
  • Reviews: 24
    Rating: 5.0

Love this gym. Great atmosphere. Owner is involved heavily into the gym and it pays off. Great place !... more

Concho Valley Gymnastics

  • Address:101 N Oakes St # A, San Angelo, TX 76903
  • Phone:(325) 482-8878
  • Reviews: 14
    Rating: 4.9

Wonderful for kids, even allow the parents to watch it all. Feels a little cramped when viewing at times but very fun and the kids always enjoy it.. This is the best place for kids to learn gymnastics.... more

Five Rings Dojang - Martial Arts Academy

  • Address:2225 Marx St, San Angelo, TX 76903
  • Phone:(325) 234-3186
  • Reviews: 17
    Rating: 4.8

Have not enjoyed myself more than learning something that will translate into the real world. The instructors do a great job of breaking down what you are doing wrong in order to get it right so you don't take the room temperature challenge in a sketchy situation.... more

Concho Yoga & Tai Chi

  • Address:C, 227 N Main St, San Angelo, TX 76903
  • Phone:(325) 212-2558
  • Reviews: 18
    Rating: 4.8

Went to one class at her studio, it was bland and not well put together. Personally she is a negative foul mouth individual I personally would never support her business again.. I can't say enough terrific things about the studio.... more

Anytime Fitness

  • Address:4471 Sunset Dr, San Angelo, TX 76901
  • Phone:(325) 617-7818
  • Reviews: 27
    Rating: 4.7

Great place an people to be around while u r working out.. Clean, lots of equipment and a comfortable environment no matter what your skill level!... more

Animal Shelter

  • Address:3655-3751 US-277, San Angelo, TX 76905
  • Phone:(325) 654-4225
  • Reviews: 5
    Rating: 4.6

Please donate! Even if it's only a can of food! Or, pick up a bordatella dose at Tractor Supply and drop it off. Adopt a pet! They make life sooo much better!. They are very friendly here and they do keep it really clean.... more

Fitness Zone

  • Address:2801 TX-306 Loop b, San Angelo, TX 76904
  • Phone:(325) 947-8000
  • Reviews: 6
    Rating: 4.3

It has all the equipment you need and a day pass is only $5.. Everyday place to be!! Bonnie and Chad are always so great! My 9 year old loves going and loves the owners as well!... more

Community Health Club

  • Address:3336 W 306 Loop, San Angelo, TX 76904
  • Phone:(325) 947-2582
  • Reviews: 22
    Rating: 4.2

An amazing surprise to discover an Iyengar teacher with regular classes in this mid-size city. Very exciting. Jerri is GREAT.. I absolutely love this place! I look forward to my daily visits and the staff are so welcoming! Lots of equipment.... more

Jubilee Fitness

  • Address:4001 Sunset Dr #1130, San Angelo, TX 76904
  • Phone:(325) 227-3226
  • Reviews: 4
    Rating: 4.0

Unprofessional.. Really nice gym with child services.... more

Planet Fitness

  • Address:3552 Knickerbocker Rd, San Angelo, TX 76904
  • Phone:(325) 944-9900
  • Reviews: 36
    Rating: 3.9

Worst planet fitness world wide! Ive never had so much trouble getting a hold of another gym as much as i do this one. They never answer their phones and i had one of their members at my gym telling me he can never get ahold of them so i tried and he was absolutely right it rings then ends up to voice mail every time.... more

Heroes Fitness San Angelo

  • Address:4110 Sunset Dr, San Angelo, TX 76904
  • Phone:(325) 949-8888
  • Reviews: 28
    Rating: 3.8

The gym constantly charges at random and the personal trainer that I was paired with was not certified, was always late to our sessions, would often cancel the sessions because he forgot, he would leave to talk to other people who were working out and would constantly forget what I was supposed to do.... more

Ma Meera Anand Yoga

  • Address:1905 Cordell St, San Angelo, TX 76901
  • Phone:(915) 974-1143
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -

Laughter Yoga San Angelo

  • Address:2505 Martin Luther King Dr, San Angelo, TX 76903
  • Phone:(325) 262-2604
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -