Below you can find a list of the top gyms in Redlands. Our goal is to connect people with the best local gyms. This listing was created automatically using local business data. Every gym is analyzed based on the number of professional databases reviewing them, their average review score, and the volatility of their ratings. The variety of services they offer, and their years of experience is also important. The top rated Gyms in Redlands are:

David Gramling Yoga and Crafts

  • Address:101 E Redlands Bvld, Suite 170 A, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 362-6111
  • Reviews: 1
    Rating: 5.0

I've experienced David Gramling's skills in both a massage and yoga setting. He is a very easy going guy, making it very comfortable for me to ask questions and make requests. He's space is surprisingly small.... more

Vasa the Yoga Studio

  • Address:700 E Redlands Blvd Suite K., Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 793-8272
  • Reviews: 3
    Rating: 5.0

Vasa is the most caring and lovely studio ever,you are treated like family. The energy there is awesome too! So much thought is put into their routines. And let me say,Barre class is fabulous,what an amazing workout.... more

Atelier Fitness Studio

  • Address:329 W State St, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 908-0805
  • Reviews: 3
    Rating: 5.0

I have been working out with Adriana for more then 10 years! She is a fantastic motivator as well as the most knowledgeable personal trainer I have every met. She works you out while protecting you from injury - all important as we age! I feel 100% more healthy then I would be other wise.... more

Redlands FITTEK

  • Address:1200 Coulston Ave, Redlands, CA 92374
  • Phone:(909) 936-9129
  • Reviews: 6
    Rating: 5.0

Anthony and Vanessa are great trainers my wife and I started the class 3 weeks ago, and we are amazed the progress with both had seem. They are very friendly and take their time explaining each exersice.... more

Bikecoach Fitness Studio

  • Address:700 E Redlands Blvd m, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 453-4400
  • Reviews: 6
    Rating: 5.0

Rachael was my mentor for nine decades, so that she and Sean and the boys' have been fantastic friends in addition to motivators. I've learned to adore Spin Courses and those courses inspired me to understand biking and attain my healthy dependence.... more

The Energy Lab

  • Address:304 E Citrus Ave, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 798-1800
  • Reviews: 8
    Rating: 5.0

The Energy Lab is awesome! Been going for years and I love the variety of programs as well as the trainers! When COVID hit and they had to close they easily transitioned to online zoom classes.... more

CrossFit CDR Redlands

  • Address:700 E Redlands Blvd p, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(951) 377-3293
  • Reviews: 10
    Rating: 5.0

I have been attending barre at CDR since February. It is an amazing workout with a great community of women, supportive instructors, and all around a great time each class. Different class times throughout the day makes it great to accommodate different work schedules! I look forward to working out thanks to barre at CDR!!.... more

Inner Evolution Yoga

  • Address:555 W Redlands Blvd, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 798-2244
  • Reviews: 15
    Rating: 5.0

An amazing yoga studio! The whole environment is very welcoming, calming, loving. No judgement, no ego. All of the instructors are great. The studio has different types of classes for any level of yoga you're feelin or are interested in; instruction in nearly all classes is great for beginners.... more

Block CrossFit

  • Address:390 Alabama St, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 213-5422
  • Reviews: 20
    Rating: 5.0

An amazing workout establishment for any individual. Whether you are a complete beginner who is looking to begin your fitness journey, or a crossfit games athlete looking for a good box to train, Block will cater to your needs.... more

CrossFit Myriad

  • Address:835 Tri City Center, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 809-0443
  • Reviews: 13
    Rating: 4.9

Great local gym in the heart of the Mission - small but in a fantastic location. Will, who manages the gym, is truly amazing - willing to listen and eager to respond to feedback immediately.... more

Laura's Wellness Spa Facial & Body Care

  • Address:535 W State St Suite J, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 798-3992
  • Reviews: 13
    Rating: 4.9

Could seriously spend the entire day here! Take a nap in the oxygen room & follow it up with vegetable egg rolls. I recommend Lauras spa is very soothing and calm, just what I need it My skin felt radiant and glowing.... more

FITT Factory

  • Address:624 W State St, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(909) 303-6677
  • Reviews: 19
    Rating: 4.9

While google won't allow me to delete my previous review, I can definitely appreciate the effort that has been made to fix the problems I experienced here.. Great experience with the staff at Fitt Factory.... more

Redlands Fit Body Bootcamp

  • Address:1235 Indiana Ct #112, Redlands, CA 92374
  • Phone:(909) 307-4956
  • Reviews: 7
    Rating: 4.4

I have been a member for a year now and i have fallen in love with working out! I absolutely love the coaches and the community. I have made some great friends!. I've been a member for over two years and I love it.... more

Club Pilates Redlands

  • Address:450 Stuart Ave., Ste. D -120, Redlands, CA 92374
  • Phone:(909) 474-7470
  • Reviews: 9
    Rating: 4.1

Awesome experiences at Club Pilates. It has helped improve my shoulder mobility after having a shoulder replacement. All of the staff is wonderful and the other members are great too.... more

Anytime Fitness

  • Address:500 N Orange St, Redlands, CA 92374
  • Phone:(909) 798-5000
  • Reviews: 36
    Rating: 3.7

Great gym, signed up March 18, 2019. Only got 2 workouts in one week before they shutdown in Riverside. I was not issued a key fob at during sign up process, I don't know what's the reason for.... more

LA Fitness

  • Address:1035 Parkford Dr, Redlands, CA 92374
  • Phone:(909) 798-2880
  • Reviews: 32
    Rating: 3.5

Gym is dirty when you actually look around. Bathroom has mold . The manager takes advantage of new gym members and is creepy . No wifi .. Out of date equipment. Lack of hygiene They will lie to you to get you to sign up that day , beware ! Most of the workers and members are really nice but this company and some staff ruin it .... more

24 Hour Fitness

  • Address:27621 San Bernardino Ave, Redlands, CA 92374
  • Phone:(909) 798-7777
  • Reviews: 33
    Rating: 2.5

Good place overall to workout. I would suggest that the men's bathroom be cleaned more frequently such as toilets, urinals, and floors mopped by urinals especially. The countertops to the sinks usually have excess water on them from people washing their hands, so they could definitely be wiped down and kept dry.... more

Tennessee Plaza

  • Address:416 Tennessee St, Redlands, CA 92373
  • Phone:(626) 297-1905
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -

24 FIT Redlands

  • Address:1119-, 1499 E Redlands Blvd, Redlands, CA 92374
  • Phone:(951) 977-0482
  • Reviews: 0
    Rating: -